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Keybase joins Zoom

Zoom has acquired Keybase, and we're joining forces.
Published 1531 days ago (Thu May 07 2020)

New Cryptographic Tools on Keybase

Encrypt, decrypt, sign, verify.
Published 1628 days ago (Fri Jan 31 2020)

Introducing Keybase bots

Keybase bots are automatic, systematic.
Published 1629 days ago (Thu Jan 30 2020)

Dealing with Spam on Keybase

As Keybase has grown, the spam has grown with it, non-linearly. Just a quick blog post, updating some changes around that.
Published 1686 days ago (Wed Dec 04 2019)

Keybase SSH

Building ChatOps tooling on Keybase and releasing an open source way of managing SSH access on top of Keybase teams.
Published 1790 days ago (Thu Aug 22 2019)

Stellar wallets for all Keybase users

We are live with a full-featured Stellar wallet in Keybase. Unlike online wallets, its security is stronger than a password. And it's available in both our mobile and desktop apps.
Published 1890 days ago (Tue May 14 2019)

Keybase ♥'s Mastodon, and how to get your site on Keybase

Keybase now supports cryptographically connecting any service. Not just Twitter and pals.
Published 1919 days ago (Mon Apr 15 2019)

Keybase is not softer than TOFU

Keybase recently completed its first professional security audit. This post introduces it, as well as what we think some other chat apps are doing wrong.
Published 1938 days ago (Wed Mar 27 2019)

Cryptographic coin flipping, now in Keybase

Thanks to some help from the Stellar Development Foundation, Keybase is funded and expanding.
Published 1954 days ago (Mon Mar 11 2019)

Keybase exploding messages and forward secrecy

Keybase now supports exploding messages. Exploding messages have individual timers attached to them and benefit from forward secrecy.
Published 2218 days ago (Wed Jun 20 2018)

Keybase is now supported by the Stellar Development Foundation

Thanks to some help from the Stellar Development Foundation, Keybase is funded and expanding.
Published 2322 days ago (Thu Mar 08 2018)

New Teams Features

Keybase teams have a number of improvements
Published 2430 days ago (Mon Nov 20 2017)

Keybase launches encrypted git

Keybase users and teams can create git repositories on the fly.
Published 2477 days ago (Wed Oct 04 2017)

Introducing Keybase Teams

Wherein Keybase attempts to define cryptographically-auditable teams and change the Internet FOREVER!!
Published 2493 days ago (Mon Sep 18 2017)

Abrupt Termination of Coinbase Support

Coinbase is terminating the concept of a public payment page, so Coinbase proofs will be removed from Keybase profiles
Published 2678 days ago (Fri Mar 17 2017)

Introducing Keybase Chat

Keybase is releasing a chat protocol and hosting layer.
Published 2715 days ago (Wed Feb 08 2017)

Keybase chooses Zcash

Zcash offers a new way to publicize a currency address while keeping your transactions totally private.
Published 2798 days ago (Thu Nov 17 2016)

Keybase Filesystem Documents

We've posted links to KBFS-related docs.
Published 3077 days ago (Fri Feb 12 2016)

Keybase's New Key Model

Keybase is switching to a per-device key model, using NaCl keys.
Published 3217 days ago (Fri Sep 25 2015)

Keybase raises $10.8M

We're working on something new and ambitious here, and we're expanding our team. Thanks to a big investment from impressive people, Keybase is aiming to bring public key crypto to everyone.
Published 3289 days ago (Wed Jul 15 2015)

The Horror of a 'Secure Golden Key'

A secure golden key is just a backdoor. And a backdoor is never safe.
Published 3569 days ago (Wed Oct 08 2014)

Error Handling in JavaScript

A summary of how we handle errors when writing code at Keybase, using a combination of IcedCoffeeScript and a library for short-circuiting.
Published 3590 days ago (Wed Sep 17 2014)