Docs > KBFS > serves anything it can find in /keybase/public. Poetry. Cat pics. Midi files. Hot, hot recipes.

For example, here we see /keybase/public/chris/photos/ served at :

Raw vs. wrapped


If you download something off of, you're trusting (a) Keybase over https, and (b) that someone hasn't hacked into So it's a great site to explore, but if you're downloading something crucial such as a copy of the latest libssl or bitcoind or GPG Tools Suite.dmg from a friend, you should really just look in /keybase/public on your own computer. That will verify all the crypto and guarantee you're seeing the same signed bits they are. And it's easier.


The website is made by the Keybase team, but it's really a proof of concept. The site isn't privileged. It's kind of dumb - just nginx rewriting some URL's and a basic Node.js website that serves static assets and prints user info. demonstrates how easy it is to build things on top of the Keybase filesystem. Other ideas we've heard...feel free to implement:

  • a service, "somehost" that spins up real websites per user, based on code in /keybase/private/user,somehost/
  • a bitcoin wallet that shares coins inside of private folders
  • an "in the event of my death" app that splits a secret among a bunch of friends.
  • a signed blogging platform
  • your idea here
  • your other idea here
  • your third and final idea