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Command line

Keybase is more than a website. If you're comfortable working in a terminal, you should download the keybase app. You can do so much with it: sign, verify, encrypt, generate messages, sign code, move keys around, etc., all using GPG for the crypto.

Trust, following, signature chains, & our public keys

Every account on Keybase has a public history. "Sigchains" let Keybase clients reconstruct the present without trusting Keybase's servers. And when you "follow" someone on Keybase, you sign a snapshot of your view of the claims in their sigchain.


Information about Keybase's encrypted chat product.

The Keybase filesystem

Our cloud-backed file system is live for all.


Documents describing Keybase's use of cryptography.


Design, implementation and specification of Teams.

Lockdown Mode

A description of Lockdown Mode, recommended for users who want extra protection for their Keybase account.

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