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The Keybase Chrome & Firefox extension

With Keybase installed and the Keybase Extension (Chrome, Firefox), you'll see chat buttons like this around the Internet:

You can even leave an encrypted message on Keybase for someone before they've joined Keybase. So the button works for everyone.


  1. Install the extension: Chrome or Firefox
  2. Install the Keybase app.


Can Keybase read the messages?

No - they're end-to-end encrypted.

How does it work?

The brower extension recognizes you're on a compatible profile and inserts a button / compose box straight into the page. When you compose your text and "send" it, the extension passes it to your local copy of Keybase, which encrypts the message and sends it through Keybase chat. If your recipient has not yet joined Keybase, the message is encrypted just for you, and you'll automatically unlock it for the recipient later, when they join Keybase.

What if I don't use Chrome or Firefox?

Keybase chat still works. From the Keybase app:

  1. Search for anyone on any of our compatible services (Facebook, Twitter, HN, GitHub, and Reddit).
  2. Compose and send a chat message. It will be waiting for them on Keybase.
  3. Nag them, ruthlessly, to join Keybase to unlock their message(s).

What if my browser is compromised?

The Keybase extension uses a compose box inside your browser. If you fear your browser or the social network site's JavaScript has been compromised -- say by another extension or even the social network acting fishy -- then just compose the message inside the Keybase app directly. Or send a quick hello note through the extension and save the jucier private details for inside the app.

Woo hoo!

What if I'm in love with it?

Positive reviews in the Chrome/Firefox stores will be a big plus for crypto adoption. \o/