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❤️ Please read Getting Started With Teams

Here is the technical documentation for teams:

  • Sigchain V2 is a discussion of changes to our sigchain format made for the sake of teams.
  • Per-User Keys describes how Keybase users, when using teams, share a secret key across all their devices.
  • Design explains the high-level design goals of Teams
  • Signature Chain Details describes the lower-level signature chain operation behind teams
  • Crypto describes the lower-level cryptography behind teams
  • Team Loader describes the process of loading teams in the Keybase client.
  • Cascading Lazy Key Rotation describes the key rotation process for teams.
  • Downgrade Leases describes how cross-chain operations are kept serializable and race-free
  • Team Invites and TOFU describes proof-based team invites as well as server-trust invites
  • Seitan Tokens V2 describes how we securely invite a user to a team without server trust
  • Fast Team Loader describes how team loading is fast-pathed on clients without primed caches
  • Team Box Auditor describes how clients audit the server to make sure the teams' secret keys are keyed for the right users and devices