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This is/was an experimental feature. Since we made this, some things have changed in JavaScript Buffers, so this page won't work until we make some improvements. We may never get to these improvements, but still leaving it up in case.

If you would like to do in-browser PGP, take a look at our kbpgp library.

Introducing personal_keybase.js

Your own personal_keybase.js allows you to embed a full-functioning text encryptor in the web page of your choice, so people can reach out to you, encrypting first in their browser.

For example, this little widget uses mine ( Go ahead and start typing:


Code example: hello world

This is all it does right now - encrypt text, and call back with an answer.

<!-- important, you should download your custom script,
     not serve it at; meanwhile, this is fine for testing. -->

<script src=""></script>
  keybase.people.chris.encrypt_text('Hello world', function(err, res) {

What you won't find (yet)

  • any GUI
  • any signing, decrypting, or verifying (just text encryption)

If you want to integrate this into your site -- say in a contact form -- feel free. Please just check back every now and then for updates. And make sure to read both the recipes and best use pages.

In the Wild

The following people are using personal_keybase.js and wanted to share their usage.