The "keybase" Well-Known Resource Identifier

This document describes the use of URIs whose path component is "/.well-known/keybase.txt", and includes a template for their registration as required by RFC5785.


A URI with the path component "/.well-known/keybase.txt" is used by the Keybase project to identify a proof that one or more people whose public keys may be retrieved using the Keybase service have administrative control over the origin server from which it is retrieved.

The proof is served with a media type of "text/plain". It begins with an English-language description of the claim, followed by a JSON object which describes the Keybase record for some public key, followed by a PGP signature produced by signing that JSON object with the corresponding private key.




(Per RFC5785 requirements).

URI suffix: "keybase.txt"

Change controller: The Keybase project. Contact information available at

Specification document: This document.

Related information: Documentation for the Keybase command line and API.